Bible Covers Keep What’s Precious, Your Bible, Protected and Cared For

The Bible is the best-selling book of all times. Most Christian families own one, some families or individuals own several. It is a prized possession that can be passed to future generations. Whether you own just one or several, the Bible needs good protection. This can be achieved with a Bible cover.

If you’re savvy and creative, consider creating your own Bible cover. Before you go out and purchase material from your local fabric store, consider writing down what kind of material/accessories you want included and the overall look of the cover. If you need assistance, take a look at current covers that are available for purchase or research cover designs online. The next step would be to purchase all the necessary material at your local store and follow a “How to Make A Bible /Book Cover” guide. There are several tutorials available online to follow.

If you are looking to take the easy route and simply purchase a Bible cover, there is no shame in that! You’ll protect your Bible much more quickly than creating your own. You lose a bit of the personalization; however there are many great covers available for purchase to fulfill your needs. While Bible covers come in several types of fabrics including special material such as lambskin and nylon, the majority of these covers are composed of leather, suede, or microfiber.

Manufacturers today have amped up their design by providing styles and types that cater to personal tastes. In addition to creating new designs, they have maintained the old-fashioned black leather covers that equally protect your treasured Bible. Many of the covers available today include a strap for easy carrying and of course a main compartment for book storage. Out of the designs available, there are several camouflage-designed cases, female friendly prints and colors (zebra print, alligator print, pink and aqua hues), teen friendly prints and colors (flowered or sporty, hip designs) and child friendly prints and colors (animal and flower prints).

Bible cover designs are also including special features these days. Some covers/organizers are larger in size, designed to include several exterior and internal organizational pockets for items such as study books, pens and notepads. Other designs also include reversible material that allows for owners to change up the look!

Whatever your style, whatever features you require, there are many available covers that will protect your Bible from the elements. And there is no other book that should last the test of time and natural wear and tear.

Tattoos and Christians: Should Christians Tattoo Bible Verses or Get Tattoos All Together?

1. Found the image that I want to get tattooed on my body, check
2. Know the place on my body where I want to get the image tattooed, check
3. This tattoo will allow me to express my identity, uniqueness and maybe even enhance my body… not really.

Whether you got a tattoo for the reasons listed above or for some other reason, it is more than likely that your tattoo did not provide the climax that you thought it would. Yeah, for a little while it filled you with joy, you made sure you bought clothing that would in some way provide the world a peek into your “bundle of joy”. But as time goes on, the exuberance of your “ink fashion” begins to fade(tattoos are fashion statements for many people but the bad thing is that fashions change and be come out dated), you barely even notice it, what you thought was cool a couple of years ago is not even relevant to you or the world.

So now, you need something new in your life, you have the tattoo “itch”, you want to express to the world or maybe a few or maybe yourself that you are unique and different(repeat cycle from above).

In life we often mistake the forest for the trees, meaning that the thing that is staring you right in the face, that which is most obvious, we miss. Your life is your tattoo: no ink needed. Your life is that thing that sets you apart, it is seen by all, it is your uniqueness, it is the thing that most truly represents you and if you invest it right, the fruit is joy forever more, it doesn’t fade… a tattoo could never do this.

Invest your time and artistic creativity in the thing that matters most (life), not something that is going to leave you longing for more, yet never fulfilled. The things of this world will never compare to or even enhance that which you want most, life (your life), why, because it is divinely given.

I often see people get tattoos of a person’s name or picture and they see that act as a sign of true love; but more than just getting that person’s name tatted, how about you change your life for the better in honor of that person, bible verse, etc. I am sure that it will be much more appreciated by all parties including you.

Unlikely Style Icon – Teenage Fashion Blogger – Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Gevinson, otherwise known as ‘Style Rookie’, made the cover of fashion bible Pop mag in August and Love in September, where she was also interviewed by Pixie Geldolf.

Her fashion blog attracts half a million hits a month and she is taken so seriously by the industry that she earned front row seats at all the biggest shows during New York Fashion Week, where editors and celebrities could be seen respectfully watching over her shoulder.

Given the fascination with this unique and engaging fashion writer, it’s rather surprising to discover that Tavi is a 13-year-old blogger from suburban Chicago.

The ‘Style Rookie’ blog was created in 2008 when Tavi was just 11, and her writing illustrates such an understanding of her favoured subject that it was initially assumed to be a fake created by fashion insiders. It has a professional feel and features analysis of magazines and photographs of her quirky daily outfits.

Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the sisters behind the award-winning fashion label Rodarte, contacted Tavi after coming across her blog just eight months after she began it, and she has since become their muse, helping to present their line.

“Tavi makes you think about things differently,” said Kate Mulleavy, “She makes you see things differently.”
Indeed, Tavi Gevinson appears to be quite a phenomenon.

Her first experience of paid journalism was for Pop’s website, giving her thoughts on New York Fashion Week. “For one week I was in a utopia full of people who can recognise that my jacket is Luella and appreciate that I stuck an upside-down doll in its chest pocket,” she wrote.

“Tavi’s amazing,” says Charlie Porter, deputy editor of the style journal Fantastic Man. “She’s so inquisitive, with such a sharp, curious eye,”

While a sense of fashion and style is a matter of opinion, this extract from ‘the new girl in town’s Bat Mitzvah speech is a good example of why people hope that we continue to hear more from the teenager who won over the fashion industry.

“As I said earlier, the Nazarites wore just enough to keep them warm, believing that that was the wish of God. Over this past year I have become increasingly interested in clothing, and have developed a clearer understanding of the idea that clothing can be art… Rei Kawakubo, who many regard as the first conceptual designer and whose clothes can often inspire uncomfortable thoughts or feelings in people, is my favourite designer in the world… Using fashion as self-expression can go beyond wearing a shirt with a slogan, as clothing has the ability to evoke an entire feel, or atmosphere, or emotion, or world.”

Top Five Bibles for Kids

There are many awesome resources you can buy today when you are looking for bibles for kids. It is not difficult to find different versions of the Word for all generations, but it can be a bit overwhelming with all of the choices that are out there! It is my opinion that buying a Bible for a child is perhaps the most important investment you can ever make! We often spend more money on video games and entertainment for our children than we do on teaching them about Jesus! When it comes to getting a new Bible for your child, price should never be a major issue in selecting a new Bible.

There are literally thousands of different Bibles you can purchase for kids today. Here are the top five Bibles for kids available today.

The Beginner’s Bible by Henley Karyn
This is the perfect new Bible for younger children that are just learning about Jesus for the first time. Kids must make their own decision to accept Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior, but a fun Bible with vibrant photos and art is a great way to introduce children to the teachings of Jesus. This Bible won the 2006 Retailers Choice award for nonfiction children’s books. The Bible includes many illustrations and over 90 stories that will be easy for kids to review. Young children are captivated with all the beautiful art, and they can learn about Jesus even before they know how to read! Of all of the Bibles for kids you can purchase today, this is probably my favorite Scripture.

Day By Day Bible by Reeves Eira
One of the biggest challenges for youth and adults is in staying disciplined in reading the word on a daily basis. The day by day Bible is a great tool for helping children get into a disciplined habit of reading the Scriptures every day. If we teach our children to study the Scriptures when they are young, they will be much better off as they get older! It is never too early to teach your kids to study the Scriptures.

ICB Compact Kids Bible – Pink Camo-Imitation Leather from the Intern Child Bible Company
Some kids think that the Bible is boring and not for them. You may want to try purchasing a cool Bible that your child will love! This pink camo Bible is perfect for girls who are into fashion. You can take it anywhere you want, and it is very flexible. It is one of the top selling Bibles on the market today.

King James Version Study Bible for Boys from Baker Books
This is another great Bible you can buy for boys who want to have a cool Bible! This Bible includes devotions and study notes to help boys learn the different books of the Bible. It also details the daily lives of Biblical characters in Bible times. In addition, it challenges boys to make good decisions about values and to dress appropriately.

NIV Childrens Illustrated Bible from Zondervan Bibles
This illustrated Bible is full color presentation pages, and it has a beautiful illustrated cover. While it has illustrations, it is designed for older children ages 8 and older. The NIV version is the most popular English translation in the world today, so your child will have the same translation of the Scriptures that most people have.

These are just some of the many Scriptures you can give to your kids today. There are many Bibles for kids that are perfect for introducing children to the love of Jesus!