New World Order about to Start? Bible Prophecies point to World’s Last Chance

What is going on? Why is the world in such absolute turmoil? The weather is behaving in mad and unpredictable fashion causing untold damage in places that have never experienced such destruction before. Perplexing and virulent diseases, are killing entire populations. Despite desperate peace efforts words like Armageddon and The End of the World keep appearing in our headlines. And although marvelous technical advances continue to amaze and astonish mankind, humanity seems to be bent on a course of moral and social self-destruction. And many are expressing a vague unease that some world-changing, cataclysmic event is on the verge of occurring; that the order of things as we have known it, is about to change in a drastic and radical fashion.

Is there an answer? Can anyone know with certainty what the future holds? We believe that there IS a key to not only knowing what the future holds but preparing for it as well. We believe that this key is the Bible! Our conviction is based not on mere opinion or sentiment, but on the fact that the Bible makes claims that no other book dares to make and the life-changing way it has affected innumerable individuals. Also, the Bible is a book of prophecy, which is easily demonstrable, unlike ANY other so-called holy book or writings. The Bible is a book that opens the future up to us. It warns us that a change is coming that will challenge every human being alive; that we are facing the WORLD’S LAST CHANCE!

Readers will be shocked to know that the Bible, through prophetic signs and symbols, predicts and identifies two great super powers–one political, one religious–that will jointly bring about a NEW ORDER of things, an end to society as we now know it, in a most dramatic and unexpected way. Many are aware that there are sinister forces at work behind the scenes to effect these great changes. But only the Bible clearly exposes these forces and provides a way out. Only the Bible offers the WORLD’S LAST CHANCE!

We are presenting a document that will enable you to see for yourself how the Bible, step by step, point by point, singles out these two world powers from their very beginning and how the plans and decisions they are making, at this very moment, will soon affect every individual on the face of the earth. You will see how the Bible CLEARLY shows that the USA will join hands with the papacy to restrict our once dearly held rights and nullify our God-given freedom of conscience. To most, this may seem totally outrageous and absurd, but the Bible says “Prove all things.” and this we fully intend to do, because this is the WORLD’S LAST CHANCE!

It cannot be denied that our freedoms are being subtly, inexorably chipped away under one pretext or another. Freedoms once taken for granted can now make one criminally liable. No longer does one have the freedom to express a moral perspective without risking being accused of committing a hate crime. A small child is disciplined for innocently expressing religious beliefs at school; increasingly restrictive laws continue to confront one on every side, and this will finally culminate in the ultimate loss of freedom to worship as one chooses–at the cost of life itself! All this is clearly confirmed and verified in the document we have prepared based on the shocking but irrefutable prophecies of the Bible that clearly show that the WORLD’S LAST CHANCE is fast approaching.

Our challenging document explores such crucial questions as: What is the purpose of the Biblical prophecies? What is an example of a fulfilled prophecy in the Bible? What is the most solemn prophetic warning yet to be fulfilled? How do we unlock the mysterious symbols to understand prophecy? It clearly explains what the Mark, Number, and Name of the Beast are; their relationship to the USA, and how these forces are NOW conspiring to bring about the crisis that will bring all the world to its knees–and answers many other questions which will reveal to you why we are convinced that the WORLD’S LAST CHANCE will soon be here.

New Creations – A Super Bible School Activity for Your Elementary Kids

One of the most beautiful transformations in all of nature has to be the caterpillar becoming a butterfly. The old has gone, the new has come. Second Corinthians 5:17 is the ultimate showcase verse for this amazing principle, which says, “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come.” As God’s children, we may not have sprouted wings on the day of our second birth, but we are changing from glory to glory and one day we will shed these old bodies and put on a new body far greater than we can even imagine! I think 2 Corinthians 5:17 is a hallmark Scripture that every Christian should have memorized, so here is a fun Bible school activity you can play with your children to help them memorize it as well.

Here’s what you do:

For this activity, you will need to prepare an index card for each word found in 2 Corinthians 5:17. Use 2 index cards for the reference – one with 2 Corinthians written on it and the other with 5:17. You should have a total of 20 cards. Laminate them for long-term use. Now display all of the cards in correct verse order, words facing out, on a pocket chart or on a table so that your entire class can see them. Now, make the following cards containing the suggested picture I have listed below on one side of the card and the point value and directions on the other side of the card. Make sure that the kids cannot see through the cards to the other side.

1. Old-fashioned telephone – 10 points, Turn over 10 cards

2. Old-fashioned radio – 20 points, Turn over 8 cards

3. Old-fashioned record (LP) – 30 points, Turn over 6 cards

4. A VHS tape – 40 points, Turn over 4 cards

5. A car run on gas – 50 points, Turn over 2 cards

6. Old-fashioned roller blades – 10 points, Turn over 10 cards

7. Old-fashioned typewriter – 20 points, Turn over 8 cards

8. A road map – 30 points, Turn over 6 cards

9. Old-fashioned ice box – 40 points, Turn over 4 cards

10. A clothesline- 50 points, Turn over 2 cards

11. Old-fashioned washboard – 10 points, Turn over 10 cards

12. Candles – 20 points, Turn over 8 cards

13. Cloth diapers – 30 points, Turn over 6 cards

14. Horse and buggy – 40 points, Turn over 4 cards

15. Old-fashioned camera – 50 points, Turn over 2 cards

Laminate all of these cards. You can display them on a pocket chart, point side down, or fan them out in your hands, from which your kids will pick. You will also need the list of multiple choice questions found at the end of this article. You are now ready to play this activity.

Before playing, say the following to your class:

Who can name something that was old, but is now a new or better version? For example, whenever you would see a movie, it was always in 2D – two dimensions. Now, there are a lot of movies in 3D. When I was your age (if this fits you), most fast food restaurants did not have a drive-through window. Now, almost all of them have drive-through windows. Who can give me some other examples? (Wait for responses.) Technology has changed the way we live in so many ways. Old things are out of date. New things are cool. Did you know that God is interested in changing our lives? In fact, no one can change a person’s life more than God. He’s in the business of making us new creations. Who would like to read 2 Corinthians 5:17? (Have a child read the verse.) Wow! That’s a pretty awesome verse. Basically, it means that when we accept Jesus as our Savior, He completely changes our life. We may not see the changes right away. In fact, the Bible says we won’t experience the complete and total change until we get to Heaven. The bodies we have then, will be nothing like the ones we have now.

Second Corinthians 5:17 is a great verse that we should all memorize to help us remember that if we are a Christian, God has begun a new work in us and will complete it in Heaven. To help us memorize this verse, we’re going to play a fun game called “New Creations” and also have a fun look at some old things that have turned new.

Here’s how we play: I will divide you into 2 teams. Each team will have the chance to pick one of my picture cards. Each picture will be of something old that is not used very much anymore. On the back of each card is a point value along with a number of cards you will have to turn over on our Scripture cards displayed on the pocket chart (or table). The team with the most points wins.

I will give you a multiple-choice question having to do with the picture you picked. If you answer it correctly, you will get to earn the points listed on the back of the picture if you are able to say the Bible verse correctly with the amount of cards that are showing on our Bible verse display board. After each play, I will turn the Bible verse cards back over for the next player. Let’s play!

15 Multiple Choice Questions on Old Things and New Things

1. The telephone – Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone. In the old days, you had to sit by the phone the whole time you were talking on it. The cord often got tangled up. Today, we talk on

A. Cell phones

B. Tin cans

2. The radio – Before TV, there was radio. In the old days, families would sit around the radio listening to their favorite shows and music. The first ones were big and bulky and had to be plugged in to a socket. Today, we listen to music on

A. Record players

B. iPods

3. A record (LP) – When people listened to music, they would put these black round discs onto a record player and place a handle, which contained a needle, on top of it. They would go around and around. You couldn’t rewind or forward. Today we listen to our music on

A. Tape decks

B. CD’s

4. A VHS tape – It used to be, that when you wanted to watch a movie at home, you would pop in a videotape into your video player. Today, we watch movies on

A. DVD’s

B. Film strips

5. A car that runs only on gas – Cars are changing. Most cars have always run on gasoline. But because oil is growing scarce, more and more cars also run on

A. Orange juice

B. Electricity

6. Roller skates – Going to the roller rink was lots of fun in the old days, but roller skates were big and bulky. Today, kids where

A. Roller blades

B. Moon shoes

7. A typewriter – Click, click, click went the typewriter. Some people were very fast on these old-fashioned machines that used to write everyone’s letters. Today, writing words has never been faster because we use

A. Computers

B. Pencils

8. A road map – In the old days, if you got lost while driving, you would have to pull off to the side of the road and pull out your road map to figure out how to get where you wanted to go. Today, if someone gets lost, they can just check on their

A. position with the stars

B. GPS systems

9. An old-fashioned icebox – My great-great-grandfather used to deliver ice to people’s houses for their iceboxes. This was how people kept their food cold. Today, we put our food in a

A. mailbox

B. refrigerator

10. A clothesline – In the old days, if you wanted your clothes dry, you had to hang them on a clothesline for a few hours. Today, drying your clothes is easy inside a

A. dryer

B. tanning salon

11. An old-fashioned washboard – Your great-grandmas worked hard at washing their clothes. They would often use a washboard to scrub out the stains. Today, your moms use a

A. swimming pool

B. washer

12. Candles – How did people see in the dark in the old days? They used lots and lots and lots of candles. Candle making was a big business. Today, if we want to see in the dark we just use

A. electricity

B. fireflies

13. A horse and buggy – In the old days, most families owned a horse and buggy to take them into town. Today, we can travel long distances in a short amount of time in our

A. baby strollers

B. cars

14. Cloth diapers – Taking care of a baby is a lot of work. In the old days, moms had to wash a ton of diapers. Today, it’s a lot easier. Now, moms can use

A. disposable diapers

B. paper towels

15. An old-fashioned camera – Say, “Cheese!” Picture taking and developing was quite a long process in the old days. Today, people can take thousands of pictures in a matter of minutes with their

A. digital cameras

B. TV’s

Bible Covers Part 2 – Options for Women

Your Bible may be the most important book you own. You may use it daily for Bible study, weekly in church, or maybe only as a source for inspiration or comfort. Most people own their Bibles for many years and some Bibles are even passed down through generations. Regardless of how or what you use it for, your Bible needs to be kept in good condition and a Bible cover is an excellent way to provide this.

There are many different covers available. They come in different sizes, are made from different materials and have other options available. Just as there are some Bible covers that men may prefer, there are some that women definitely will prefer.

There seems to be a larger variety of covers available for women. Some are very practical and serviceable while others make more of a fashion statement. They may come with zippers and handles and could also be used as purses. Women will also use tote bags to carry their Bibles in. No matter what, unprotected Bibles need a good cover. It prevents the Bible from gathering dust, reduces the risk of wear and damage and can help decrease the number of wrinkled pages.

Leather is always a good choice. It is durable and can have different finishes. Leather covers can be embossed and are also available in different colors. Handles and zippered pouches are also options with leather covers. Lambskin covers are soft and supple, and tend to be more expensive. Leather covers will vary in price, but are usually a good choice and a good value.

Woven tapestry covers are another good choice for women. They will fit most standard Bibles. Many have a specific Bible verse or an inspirational saying woven into the design. These covers can show your individuality.

Tote bags can also make good Bible covers. They will cover your Bible while you carry it from one place to another. Many totes have zippered pockets inside or out and over sized totes may double as a purse and Bible cover. If the straps are long enough they can even be used as a shoulder bag.

Bible covers are also available in faux leather. There are several different color options available. Most have zipper closures, two handles and some may have pen holders or zippered pouches inside.

To really express yourself, or for a designer look, there are trendier covers available. One such cover is a Leopard print design with black faux trim. If you like Zebra it is available with red or black faux leather trim. These covers all come with a zippered closure and interior pockets. They make a great fashion statement.

Your precious possession- your Bible – cover it well.

“Brad P’s Fashion Bible” Review – Never Worry About What to Wear Again With Brad P’s Fashion Bible

A guy meets a girl and instantly faces the biggest challenge. The first impression he makes. Beautiful girls get approached all the time. This is why she quickly needs to decide if he’s worth pursuing or not. Girls don’t consciously feel attracted to a man. They don’t think “hmm, he has a nice smile, is six foot tall, let’s get attracted”. You might wonder what makes a girl attractive to a man. Well, girls are subconsciously attracted to qualities like social status, leadership, dominance and protection. And how can you convey these traits, so that when you meet a lovely girl, she could fall in love with you? A big part is how you dress. When dressed well, women can see your curves which conveys dominance and your type of personality.

Now if you are one of those guys that never had cool friends that could give you advice on fashion or never had women to help you out, then it’s to no surprise that you probably never get many compliments from women on the way you dress yourself. (If you do, still read on, since if you have some sense about fashion then you can even improve upon your style). The problem for these guys that poorly dress themselves is that they simply don’t know what they should take into account when trying to find a style that fits their personality. There are so many things to consider and yet for these men there is no resource that can help them.

Men don’t have a clue about fashion. Even most “cool dudes” don’t have the kind of success you can have when you dress well. They walk around in the same clothes they wore when they were young, ignorant to that conveying childishness for example. Did you know that your sense of style and fashion is a good measure for the amount of women in your life? If you never had women or stylish men help you out with fashion, you probably don’t get compliments from women about the way you dress (If you do, read on, because if you already have a sense of fashion, you can improve your style even more). The problem with men that don’t dress themselves well is that they never learned what style is tailored for their personality.

Do you want to dress in a way that perfectly fits your personality and get women to drool all over you? (As long as they don’t ruin the clothes of course!).

If you said yes, Brad’s Fashion Bible is written just for you. He goes into depth about the psychology of clothing, for example about “nice guys” and their needs to blend in with the rest of their peers when they were young (which causes them to continue to dress boring today). You see, the beliefs and values these nice guys have developed over the years have caused them to dress in ways completely unattractive to women. I’ve found it an interesting take on fashion to look at the inner beliefs that reside within us that influence the way we dress. Because brad has studied psychology for at least 13 years he does seem to know what he’s talking about. I do think that he elaborated a bit too much on this though and if you are just a regular guy with no inhibitions about trying something new to wear, then you might want to skip the first part of Brad P’s Fashion Bible.

After our psychology lesson we get right into the elitist world dressing and communicating. Because girls (biologically) want the best guy they can find, emulating the elite will create instant attraction.

In the next part the fun really begins, as Brad explains the three frameworks for creating your look. The first framework is normal and well dressed. It’s easy to do and to start off with. The second framework is sexy stereotyping. Girls have a picture of their dream guy in their heads before meeting you, being dressed as the stereotype that fits that picture will cause her to be open to you immediately and will open the door to sex very swiftly. There are various types described in Brad’s Fashion Bible and you will find a style that suits your personality, e.g. rock star. This will have a huge impact on girls that you’ll meet as they can brag to their friends that they slept with a rock star like you. ‘Framework Three’ is pushing the limits. This one is the most difficult to create, since you’ll have to be aware of the latest fashion and are actually mixing looks and stereotypes. When you master this frame, picking up models will be easier because she’ll identify you as someone within her league.

At the end of the book Brad speaks about the basics of fashion, which include a lot of stuff to consider, like grooming and what to NEVER wear. On the very end there are a series of questions that clear up any remaining doubts around fashion.

Brad P’s Fashion Bible is a great read. Although somewhat short, considering that the first half of it is spent discussing what influences the way we dress. I’ve checked out the other resources but they only talk about the clothing itself, instead of explaining how to create a style that attracts women like honey attracts bees. This book is an easy read and the ideas described are easy to grasp and after a quick read trough Brad P’s Fashion Bible you will have enough ideas and motivation to go shopping immediately! (I did).